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September 20, 2010


09 20 10 Monday

My wife, daughter and I have started doing some yoga and tai chai.  I kept hearing a word at the beginning and end of a yoga session; namaste.  I had no clue to what it meant.  A friend of mine spoke to me yesterday and the word used was; namaste.  I now know what it means.  In the most basic of terms; the spirit in me recognizes and acknowledges the spirit in you.

Namaste has became one of my favorite words. I am thinking now that when I say ‘namaste’ I am saying to you; “the destiny in me recognizes and affirms the destiny in you.” There are so many things that I would use for destiny.  The goodness in me recognizes the goodness in you.  The forgiveness in me affirms the forgiveness in you.  The hope in me reaches out to the hope in you.  The restoration in me is encouraged by the restoration in you. The reconciliation in me believes in the reconciliation in you. The healing in me reaches out to the healing in you. The love in me is one with the love in you. There are so many more things I want to say but time prevents.  There is so much in each of you that I see, recognize, affirm, acknowledge and encourage.  You have the goods, you have what it takes, you can do it, you can live your destiny to the fullest.  I believe in you so much! When I think of you I just say, ‘Namaste.’

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