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December 2, 2010

Open Your Gift

12 02 10 Thursday

There are so many things going through my mind in regards to the upcoming year and all that comes with it.  I have never been this excited about a new year.  However, this coming year will be like none other.

The first step we have to take is getting our anticipation level; our hope, our excitement level up.  Don’t look at next year as just another year, but look at it as the greatest year of your life.  2011 will be the most life changing and rewarding year of your life.  Don’t settle for average.  You are not average; so why shoot for average, just getting by in life.  You are unique, awesome and incredible.  You have amazing gifts and talents that you have not unwrapped yet.  Just like we do at Christmas time and birthday time; unwrap the gift that is inside you.  I am doing just that this year.  My birthday falls in the week of Christmas, which I never liked, but this year is different.  I will unwrap my birthday and Christmas gifts, but this year I will also unwrap my destiny gift.  In 2011 let’s put to use the gift that God has given us.  Make 2011 the greatest year ever! Open heaven in 2011.  Step one then is seeing the gift in you and by using your gift you will sky rocket past average.  I encourage you to bring someone with you. Get this blog to them. Encourage them. Together we will make a difference.


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