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September 18, 2010

Opportunity of a Lifetime

09 18 10 Saturday

The things that fear and doubt make us do are just crazy.  The things that belief and confidence make us do are just crazy.  These characteristics are polar opposites but they lead us to some crazy things.

When I have been lead by fear and doubt I have missed out on some awesome opportunities.  However, when I was lead by belief and confidence I was able to step out into some awesome opportunities.  Which of these are you allowing to dictate your moves? From what I am seeing more and more of we are letting fear and doubt control us.  We may have one time acted in belief and confidence and it didn’t work out right.  Well, then we set the standard. I will never let that happen again.  It isn’t long then before there is nothing happening at all.  When an opportunity comes our way, if we are in fear and doubt mode, then we let it go, we will even run from it. The opposite is true when we are living in belief and confidence, we run toward opportunities.  Remember, the opportunity of a lifetime must be grasp during the lifetime of the opportunity.  God is sending folk your way, job opportunities your way, relationship opportunities your way, and destiny opportunities your way.  Which glasses are you looking at them through? Which filters are you evaluating them through? What paradigms do you use?  We either look at opportunities through doubt and fear or belief and confidence.  The choice is yours today.   Choose belief and confidence.  By the way, the belief and confidence that I am referring to is not in the opportunity, but in yourself.  I believe and have confidence in you! There is awesome gifts and talents in you! Today is your day of decision!

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