Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 30, 2011

Pain of the Past

01 30 11 Sunday

We all have memories from our past that we would really like to forget.  However, forgetting is not that simple when it comes to hurts, failures, and disappointments.  Pain has a way of making us remember.

There is healing from the pain of the past though.  God has a wonderful way of removing the pain from our past hurtful memories.  The memory is still there, but when the pain is gone then we know we have been healed from the harmful effects.  Many folk carry around their past hurts, almost with a sense of pride, because they have developed a victim mentality.  Most of the time it was not on purpose, but the enemy kept them under such intense pressure.  Today you can begin to release that pain from your past.  Remember, Jesus took all that to the cross too.  Allow His healing to take it.  You can be healed from the pain of the past, but only if you desire it and then do it.  We weren’t created to carry that load of pain and grief.  Memories are fine, but the pain needs to go today.  Take from the memories ,the good, the lesson learned and leave the rest behind.  Unhook from it now.  Let it out of your system and never allow it to inner into you again.