Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 27, 2010

Plan of Action

12 27 10 Monday

We are in the last week of this year.  I am expecting great things not just in 2011 but in this week.  My expectation, hope, and desires are as high as they ever have been in my life.  Not wishing, but true hope.

As I have said; I truly believe this next year is going to be yours and my best ever.  For that to happen we have to do our part. As we start this last week, there is no time like right now to look to our part.  We have to have a plan for the year, but we have to execute that plan. It is not enough to just have an outline, a game plan, but we have to put that plan into motion.  We have to execute the plan.  We have to be disciplined in our plan.  We have to be flexible in our plan.  We have to listen to that inner voice that tells us when we are on track and when we have lost our focus.  It is not as difficult as it sounds.  We all know that voice deep inside, not in our head, the voice that speaks peace to us.  Don’t be discouraged by anything that has happened or is happening, but be hopeful, full of courage, full of love, full of expectation, and desire as we begin this last week and head into the new year.  Your destiny is closer than you can imagine. Be prepared for a great year!


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