Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

October 3, 2010

Poster Child

10 03 10 Sunday

I had the chance to spend the past few days in my hometown.  Went down Thursday and came back yesterday.  I know that it was a divine time for me.  A time of divine appointments and brokenness.

“It’s not about me,” has been going through my mind.  My life, my destiny, my purpose, is not about me, but about others.  I have really been dealing with that issue and that of humility.  Can I say, “I am proud of my humility.” Just kidding, but I know that I have to deal with the issue of pride, selfishness, and ego in my life.  I think there are plenty of us in that group, but I just very well may be the poster child.  After spending some time with the likes of Linc Lewis, Landon Hilt, Bob Bumpers, David McKee, to name a few, I have seen where I am so lacking in these areas.  It is one thing to talk it, but we all know it is something else to walk it and live it.  I really do hope that this is an encouragement to you.  Just to know if you are dealing with these same issues, then you are not alone.  I desire to be more like to my awesome wife, who is the poster child for people person’s.  She has incredible people skills, even my 7 year old daughter has great people skills.  Be encouraged that, yeah, you are not alone.  Together we will get there!

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