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August 31, 2010

Restoration & Reconciliation

08-31-10 Tuesday

I still can’t get away from the aspects of reconciliation and restoration.  These are two major concepts in our lives, but we often overlook them or take them for granted.  Restoration and reconciliation are for your life today!

I believe I would be right if I said the majority of us have messed up something in our life.  Some have made bigger mistakes than others; some may have even made mistakes as big as me.  I thought for a long time my gift in life was to mess up.  However, I think I may have been wrong.  Now I am seeing that even when I do mess up that God turns it around and makes something good out of it.  That is part of reconciliation and restoration.  I wondered for a long time if either was for me; the answer is yes on both.  They are both for you as well.  Some of you may be thinking right now that there is no way my life will ever be right.  Some may be saying; “if you only knew what I have done,” or “if you only knew what has been done to me.”  You’re right I may not know all the details of your life, but I know the awesome healing power of reconciliation and restoration.  Your life can be put back together and even be better than its ever been before.  Don’t give up or give in.  Know that your destiny is still alive, your healing is still there and your life will be made right.  You have to do your part, but you can do it! You have what it takes! You are not alone! Today is going to be a great day in your life and tomorrow is looking even better! I love you all you guys and God loves you too!

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