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December 18, 2010

Sowing Into Your Life

12 18 10 Saturday

Today it has been seven years that my dad past away.  I don’t say this looking for sympathy or anything like that, just in saying in all things we can find something positive.  In his passing I have learned so much.

I do miss my dad.  Although, our relationship wasn’t the greatest; it was awesome the last six months of his life.  In June of 2003, Melissa and I had Gloria, his only grandchild. I saw the way he interacted with her the times he was with her.  Most of the time he was in the hospital.  My dad proved to me that folk can change.  He made significant changes in his life in the end.  He gave me an example of what love really is all about.  Love is all about serving and giving.  Love is a verb not a noun.  Love is an action.  Granted feelings do occur, but feelings do change, come and go, and are not  always reliable.  However, true, genuine, unconditional love is solid, stable and always growing.  That kind of love is about giving to others of yourself, your gift, your life.

So with all this in mind I want to sow into your life a gift.  My first book; Embrace Your Destiny.  As a gift, if you would like to give you a copy. Just let me know if you are interested and I will be more than happy to give you a copy.  I can mail it to you or whatever way is best for you.  Thank you for allowing me to express my love through the giving of my gift.  Be encouraged and know that you are loved.


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