Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

September 27, 2011

The Love of Jesus

Jesus loves me. How do I know He loves me? Because even when He disciplines me; He does it in and with love. When I fail Him, He loves me.

There is nothing you can do that will separate you from His love.  We may not understand this concept, but that does not make it false.  Can you really grasp the fact that someone loves you that much? For a long, long time I had issues with someone loving me.  I don’t just mean Jesus, but anyone at all, especially if they really knew me.  That did not change the fact that His love for me was there and there was no changing it.  Today, let down your guard, your wall, your whatever that is blocking the unconditional love of Jesus from entering your heart.  The mind may take a little longer, but it will come in line too.  Just know that Jesus loves you!