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August 30, 2010

What Does It Take

08-30-10 Monday

If we are messed up from life; then what do we do about it?  What actions do we have to take to overcome the stuff that has happened to us during our life? Before you read on; only the strong will be able to do this; it’s good you’re one of the strong ones. So let’s get going.

We have to be strong to overcome the issues we have, because it takes humility and forgiveness and unselfishness to start.  Only the strong can be humble, forgiving and unselfish.  It takes a strong person to admit they are wrong, don’t know it all, and admit they need help.  It’s good you are that person.  We have to let pride go; the pride that tells us we can do this on our own.  Pride will tell you that because others have hurt you can’t ever trust anyone again; which is not true. We have been hurt, but we can trust again. Pride will cause you do so many things that you really don’t want to do.  Only the strong can forgive.  Weak folk will not forgive others because withholding forgiveness makes them feel strong and in control.  The stronger person will ask for and give forgiveness quickly and completely.  Then they can start working on the trust that must be established.  Forgiveness is a vital key to getting over our issues.  Being unselfish is a battle every day.  A strong person doesn’t have themselves on their mind all the time.  Rather, an unselfish person has others on their mind.  How can we serve others, help others, be there for others? That is a strong person without a doubt.

These are some beginning characteristics of a person of destiny who is moving past the past.  Getting healed of hurts and wounds what we are here for.  Reconciliation and restoration of lives, marriages, and friendships will get us moving toward our destiny.

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