Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 22, 2022


The root system is your character, by patiently building your character, you prepare yourself to be tough when adversity comes.

When adversity comes, it will come, how do you do know if you will be tough enough? Your character will determine how tough you are. It is your character that will get you through the tough seasons in your life. If you are in a difficult situation today and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better; check your character. I’m not saying if you are facing adversity that you don’t have good character. I’m saying that your character will determine how you deal with the adversity. Your character is your foundation. Your foundation is what determines how strong you are. Start building your character today in order to be strong when the tough times come your way. While others around you are struggling you will be the strength they are looking for. Be the difference maker in the tough times. Are you building strong character today?

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