Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 17, 2022


Many people lack the confidence to do the simple things in life, let alone challenge themselves to greater things.

A lot of the time when people face challenges, their natural tendency is to look for  comfort in things that are familiar. It may be work, an activity or relationships; and of course, we all know about “comfort food.” But, those things only bring temporary comfort.  According to Webster’s dictionary, comfort means to give strength and hope; to ease grief or trouble. No matter what difficulty you may be facing today, God wants to bring you comfort. Like a mother cares for her child, He longs to give you strength, hope and confidence. Turn to Him. Receive His love. Let go of things that would hold you back. Let Him heal your heart and give you strength for the future. Let Him empower you to rise up and overcome every obstacle in Jesus’ name. Are you lacking in confidence today?

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