Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 4, 2021


All through the day there’s clutter coming your way—disappointments, drama, stress, worry, guilt, jealousy. That’s why we have to guard our mind. You have to be proactive if you’re going to keep your mind in peace. Quit dwelling on thoughts that tell you everything you’re not. Program your mind with what the truth is about you. You’ve been wonderfully made by God and are exactly how you are supposed to be. Now get in agreement with Him. With a quiet confidence, you need to have this recording playing in your mind: “I’m a masterpiece. I’m one of a kind. I’m talented, equipped, and empowered. I’m favored and have everything I need to fulfill my destiny.

When you start believing the truth about you, it will automatically clear out the clutter. Fear can’t stay where faith is. Discouragement can’t stay where hope is. Stress can’t stay where peace is. Guilt can’t stay where forgiveness is. Mediocrity can’t stay where greatness is. An uncluttered mind is a powerful force.

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