Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 3, 2022

Encourage Yourself

Some people are discouraged because they don’t know how to encourage themselves.

Don’t spend your life waiting for someone else to pick you up, encourage you and get you going. Be a self encourager. Learn to speak words of encouragement to yourself. Each day when you wake up, start the day by speaking positive, encouraging words to yourself. No one has to hear it, but you need to. You hear every word you say. You “hear” every thought you have too. Use your words and thoughts to help you in your daily life. As we get this new year started, let’s start it off right. Begin the new year by encouraging yourself. You will then see it spread to others. When you are encouraged you will be an example others will follow. Change your perspective and attitude about yourself, your family, your friends and see your complete life change for the better. Be a self encourager today. Are you speaking words of encouragement to yourself every day?


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