Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

December 18, 2022

Handle Adversity

It is inevitable, as you become a Champion, that you will face adversity that will try to stop you.

I don’t think we can exhaust the subject of facing adversity. Everyone, the Champions and those that have decided to be average will face adversity. If you are breathing adversity is in your life. It is how you deal with that determines which group you are in. Champions, of course, face the adversity in their life. Turn it to their advantage. Champions learn, grow and become stronger because of the adversity. Average people try to avoid the adversity, ignore it, or just give in to it. That is why they have decided to remain average. Being average is a choice that people make. Those that are unstoppable, don’t let adversity stop them, they use it to move them up and forward. That is a key factor in being a Champion. When things don’t go your way, you don’t sit down, complain, blame and give up. Adversity is just a part of life no matter who you are. How are you handling adversity today?

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