Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

September 15, 2022

Internal Beliefs

Champions never believe external forces; they only believe what’s inside them.

To be unstoppable you must have an excellent internal belief system. You can’t allow the outward to affect the inward. A Champion has to be inside-outward, not outside-inward. I encourage you today to begin building your internal Champion belief system. In order to be unstoppable what you believe about yourself is a major key. You can never reach Championship status if you allow what others say to stop you. You can’t be relying on what others think all the time. You have to take charge and be in control of your thoughts and what you believe. Be careful who you listen to and what you allow to influence your belief system. You have to think like a Champion to become a Champion. Take charge of your thoughts today and start becoming a Champion. Are you in charge of your internal beliefs today?

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