Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

March 12, 2024

Lidless and Limitless

Staying safe means being limited, and you can’t be limited if you’re going to be relentless.

Being unstoppable means playing with reckless abandon, but being controlled. When I say staying safe means you are limited; I don’t mean that you are careless. A Champion definitely has a plan; that’s your process. To live with destiny and purpose though means you can’t stay safe. It’s time to take the limits off your life. John Maxwell talks about the Law of the Lid. Being safe, being limited is having a lid. Being unstoppable means being unlimited, not playing if safe all the time. Take the lid off today, remove the limits from your life. Be the unstoppable Champion that you were created to be. Others may decide to put a self imposed ceiling on their performance but not you. Also, never allow anyone else to limit you. Be careful, but care free. Have a process that you follow, but don’t play it safe. Play and live your life to the fullest. Make a difference that is felt in generations to come. Are you limitless, lidless and relentless today?

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