Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 17, 2023

Move Past Fear

Being a Champion is about facing your fears, getting rid of fears that would cause you will fail.

To be unstoppable you have to face your fears and get over them. Fear is the thing that stops people from being the best. A Champion is the person who overcomes fear and becomes the best. There are always going to fear of something but you don’t entertain the fear. You stop it before it stops you. Fear is in the mind so you have to defeat it in your mind. To be the best you can’t allow fear to get in the way. You have to make your fears, fear you. Take charge of your thoughts and get the fear out. Focus your thoughts on the truth which is not fear based. Fear has stopped those that would have gone on to be the best. Don’t let that be you. Today you move past your fears and become the best. No Fear! It’s time to be the difference in the world around you. Are you ready to move past your fear?

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