Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 13, 2023

Ready to Push

Want to be a Champion? Then you ignore the pain, exhaustion and the pressure to be the greatest.

On the journey to be the best people fall by the side because it’s “too hard.” They make various excuses as to why they “couldn’t” make it. However, a Champion ignore the pain, the exhaustion, the pressure and become the greatest. Listen, being unstoppable, a Champion isn’t easy, I understand that. Many people talk about being a Champion, but that is as far as it goes. It takes a special and unique person to be able to push through all the adversity. However, each of you have the qualities necessary to be relentless, a Champion. Be special and unique in whatever it is you do. I want to see you rise to the top. I want to see you be the greatest person you can be. Push through the adversity, be an overcomer, be the difference today! Be the person others look to when the game is one the line. This is your time to step up and be who you were created to be. Push past the pain, brush off the exhaustion, step up to the pressure. You can do this. Like we have said, it doesn’t matter what it is you have been called to do; Do It! Be the best ever at it. Are you ready to push through today?

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