Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

September 11, 2022


Clutch is about the last minute. Relentless is about every minute.

There are some that can come through at the last minute at times. However, why not come through every minute. That way when it is last minute, it is just another minute for you. Relentless and unstoppable people don’t wait until the last minute to act. They are working their process at all times. Play every play with full intensity. Don’t ever take a play off. This relates to sports, school, business, stay at home mom. Never take for granted that this minute may be the last minute you get to do what you’re doing. A Champion is clutch every minute of every day. That’s one of the major factors that separates a Champion from the rest of the pack. We all have the capability to be clutch every minute. It does take strict mental conditioning and training. It does take practice every day. Are you ready to be relentless and clutch every minute?

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