Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 8, 2022

See a Lot

Focus is an ability to zero in on what’s important and being able to avoid distractions to complete the task.

There are so many distractions coming at you today. Technology is a major distraction, maybe more than it’s a help at times. However, you have to be able to set your focus on what is important and not let distractions distract you. See a little; see a lot, see a lot; see a little. That means, the smaller you can focus, the more you see. When you focus in a one small detail, you see the whole picture more clearly. When you try to focus on the whole picture at once you miss the details. Get zeroed in on the task at hand today. Develop a mindset that nothing is going to distract you from being focused. Focusing is just like anything else, it takes practice to sharpen the skill. Know the task you need to finish, see the finish and then complete the task. You can do this, I believe in you and what is inside you. You have the ability and the desire. Are you seeing a little seeing a lot today?

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