Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

August 8, 2021

True and Real

From a mental perspective, what is imagined is true and real.

You have to expect what you desire is going to happen. Just wanting it to isn’t enough. Believe in your mind that you will be a Champion. Know that you are unstoppable and will be the best. You see it first in your mind before you see it with your eyes. See yourself being successful. See yourself being the best at what you do. Visualize yourself being the Champion you were created you to be. If you can see it in your mind and you know it’s your destiny; then go make it happen. Practice everyday seeing yourself where you want to go and be. Start and end each day seeing with your mind. Use your mind to move yourself forward. So many people allow their mind to control their life and keep them down. Be in control of your mind today and see your life go to another level. Can you see with your mind today?

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