Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 12, 2024

Trust the Gut

Overthinking kills progress. Trust the gut reaction that comes from being so ready, so confident, that there’s nothing to think about.

If you’re going to be the best of the best you have to trust your process. When you’re the best you don’t think you react because you have prepared for every situation. The worse thing you can do in the heat of the moment is think. When you stop and start thinking about what to do the Champion will have already reacted and moved on. Take the time and be disciplined enough to work your process. Everyone wants to be great but not everyone takes the time to prepare. Don’t just go through the motions but be relentless in your preparation. The best take the time to do what the others won’t do. I challenge you today to prepare daily so that when your moment comes you will know what to do without giving it a second thought. Are you prepared today?

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