Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

June 22, 2022


A yoke is something that is put around the neck of an ox to help control the animal.

It limits its movement. If the ox starts to get off course, the yoke is used to pull it back. Even though an ox is very powerful, this small yoke keeps it from doing what it wants to do. Some people don’t realize today that they’re living with a yoke around their neck. They wonder why they can’t get ahead or why everything is a struggle. It’s because of the yokes that are dragging them down. Negative words that were spoken over you can become a yoke. Every time you start to step out, you hear that voice, that parent, that coach saying, “You’re not that talented; you don’t have what it takes.” It plays again and again. Eventually, you shrink back. That’s a yoke. Today choose to forgive and release the yoke of bitterness. Don’t go around being burdened any longer. Are you under the yoke of unforgiveness today?

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