Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

April 10, 2022

Walk and Talk

By watching the way a person walks and listening to their talk tells you a lot about that person’s belief in getting the job done.

How a person carries himself and talks will give you a major clue as to how they will perform. A Champion walks tall and big, no matter their physical size or ability. I have seen people in wheelchairs that still “walked tall.” It can be a presence of mind is what I mean by this. Also, the way a Champion talks sets them apart. Nothing arrogant or conceded about their behavior or words, but confident. Doesn’t mean that a relentless person has it all together all the time, but you will never know any different. Being confident is a lifestyle. It doesn’t come overnight, but it does come. Being unstoppable is something that is attainable, but you have to walk the walk while talking the talk. While at the same time, those that don’t want to put in the work are trying to bring you down. Their walk and talk is all negative and what you have not succeeded at. Their talk is about where you have made mistakes and failed. Never stoop to their level. Stay tall and talk the talk of a Champion. Are you walking and talking the Champion way today?

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