Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 6, 2022

Your Attitude

You have to possess a greater spirit of gratefulness and effectively demonstrate greater appreciation to others of the purpose they have.

Those people that have an attitude of gratefulness are abundance minded. Abundance minded people are people of purpose. Poverty minded people are rarely grateful and don’t live a purpose filled life. Grateful people know that we all have a purpose and each of us needs all of us. A poverty minded person is a selfish minded person. They don’t think there is enough for everyone. It doesn’t just mean money. We are talking about a person’s purpose. To walk in your purpose you have to use your gift. Grateful minded people know that there is more than enough purpose to go around. Unfortunately few people ever take the time to completely life in their purpose. So it makes sense to have an abundance mindset. God has more than enough of whatever it is you need. If you want to live with purpose, then make sure you have a grateful mindset and share your appreciation of others. What is your attitude today?

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