Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 8, 2024

Your Dark Side

Truly relentless people–Champions–are unstoppable, with dark sides that refuse to be taught to be good.
When we talk about a Champion’s dark side, we don’t mean they are evil. But there is a side to every great person that I have ever known that could be described as their dark side. This is the side of them that you never see. This is the place that they go that no one else knows about. It is their greatness. That is what we mean by they refuse to be taught good. Not good and bad, but good and great. But to a Champion, good is bad because they are striving for greatness. To be the best isn’t good enough. They desire to be the greatest ever at what they do and who they are. So to be taught to be only good is not going to happen. They want to be taught to be relentless, unstoppable, a Champion. If you wonder if you are a Champion in the making, check and see if you are developing a dark side. Do you have a dark side today?

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