Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

July 15, 2022

Your Process

Expecting to reach your highest goal without a process is wishful thinking.

One key concept I have learned working with National Championship teams is the process. Without a process of excellence and discipline you will never reach your highest purpose in life. Your process is what keeps you centered and focused. It’s not a complicated thing, just the opposite. Your process is to be the simplest thing in your life, however, the most important. I have worked with many people that had great dreams and goals. However, they lacked a process. They would come to me because they never made any significant progress in life. They would get so far ahead and then fall back. Like going around in circles. I call it the Crazy Cycle. Time and time again, lack of a process = lack of progress. I want to encourage you today to develop your process that will lead you toward your goal. You have what it takes, but you still need a process to reach the highest place you were created to reach. If you don’t have a process and not sure what to do, then we should talk. Do you have a process today?

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