Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

April 2, 2022

Your Why

When we have a big enough reason why, we can always find a way how.

Being unstoppable means you will find a way to get the job done. When the why is there, there is no stopping you. You have the discipline to do the work necessary. There is a tenacity about you that won’t let you quit. You don’t look to others to find a way how. When you have a goal, you devise a process and go do work. As a Champion when you set your mind to something, there is nothing or no one that make you stop. The only difference between a Champion and the rest of the world is all mental. People often think about being a Champion is so far out of their reach, but you have what it takes. Make sure your why is bigger than any doubt you make have in your mind. So make up your mind to being al you were created to be in life. It’s time to get off the sidelines and get in the game today. Your purpose in life is to make a difference. I am excited about your destiny. I know your why is big enough for you to find the how. Are you ready to find your how?

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