Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

September 11, 2019


Clutch is about the last minute. Relentless is about every minute.

There are some that can come through at the last minute at times. However, why not come through every minute. That way when it is last minute, it is just another minute for you. Relentless and unstoppable people don’t wait until the last minute to act. They are working their process at all times. Play every play with full intensity. Don’t ever take a play off. This relates to sports, school, business, stay at home mom. Never take for granted that this minute may be the last minute you get to do what you’re doing. A Champion is clutch every minute of every day. That’s one of the major factors that separates a Champion from the rest of the pack. We all have the capability to be clutch every minute. It does take strict mental conditioning and training. It does take practice every day. Are you ready to be relentless and clutch every minute?

September 10, 2019


A Champion intentionally creates situations to jack up the pressure even higher, challenging yourself to prove what you’re capable of.

We have talked in other blogs about how a Champion uses pressure like helium, to rise above those that pressure is like an anvil. With that being said, an unstoppable, relentless Champion will create pressure situations in order to rise to the top of their game. The only way to truly see what you are made of and what you are capable of is to perform at the highest level. What makes others give up and quit; is what takes a Champion to the very top. They don’t give the honor of being Champion to those that can’t handle the pressure. Honestly, a Champion isn’t usually one that can just handle the pressure. The Champion is the one who isn’t willing or wanting to, but does create the pressure. Control the pressure, control the situation. Pressure makes people make mistakes and get careless because they don’t like pressure. If you fear pressure then you won’t perform well. That’s why to be a Champion you have to welcome pressure, perform at your best under the most pressure, and then finally create the pressure. Are you creating pressure to take you to the top today?

September 9, 2019


Weakness, to a Champion, would mean giving up what he craved because he was afraid of getting beat.

The definition of weakness to a Champion you can tell is different than what others think. To someone that is unstoppable, weakness is the thought of getting beat. So, that’s why we say, it would be giving up what he/she craved would be weakness. What does a Champion crave? Being the unstoppable, relentless at what he does. Weakness would be not living with purpose or living in your destiny. Weakness would be not making a difference in those around you. Weakness would be not making the world a better place. This is why even momentary failures are devastating to a Champion. This is why someone that is unstoppable never stays down long. Weakness would be having a pity party when things go wrong. Weakness is feeling sorry for yourself when someone hurts your feelings. Weakness would be blaming others when something goes wrong. So you can see that being a Champion means changing your perspective about adversity. Are you ready to be a Champion?

September 8, 2019


A Champion doesn’t want to give up the thing others aren’t willing to do.

Being a Champion is tough work. Doing what others aren’t willing to do is one thing that separates the best from the unstoppable. The best are really, really good, but a Champion is a stop above the best. Being a Champion means you aren’t just the best, but you are relentless and unstoppable. You have to do the unthinkable. You have to do what can’t be done. A Champion doesn’t see anything as being impossible. They see the impossible as necessary. I want to encourage you today to step up to the plate and do the impossible. Do what others aren’t willing to do. Take your purpose in life to the next level. Be the Champion! Be relentless and unstoppable. Are you willing to do the thing others aren’t willing to do?

September 7, 2019


A Champion shuts down the desire to give up and allows themselves to discover what you’re really made of, what you’re capable of doing.

The only way you will ever truly know what you are made out of is to shut down the desire to give up. You are able to do more than you think you are. We have to push ourselves past the outer limits. When the first desire to give up comes, don’t give in to it. There is far more out there for you; if you will just continue to push on. Most people never really go past the first pains of the desire to give up. To be unstoppable you have to do just that; don’t stop. Take the next step and move past average. Become the Champion you were created to be. It’s exciting to discover what you’re made of and just what all you’re really capable of doing. Are shutting down the desire to give up today?

September 6, 2019


The drive to get to the top and stay there year after year? The Champion inside of you.

Every Champion has an internal drive to be at the top. That drive is what makes them relentless. However, Champions not only get to the top, set the standard, but they stay there. It’s one thing to get to be number one, but it’s much more difficult to stay there. Don’t listen to those telling you that you can’t make it. Then when you do make it, they tell you that you can’t stay there. Eliminate the negative voices from your life. Being a Champion means that you have to be determined. Nothing can stop you, no one can stop you. Check your internal drive today and make get ready to go to the next level. I am excited about what lies ahead for you. I want to hear about your Champion experiences. Share your story! Are you ready to get your drive on today?

September 5, 2019

Showing Up

The ability to show up every day and do what no one else is willing to do, that comes from the Champion inside you.

Champions do what others only talk about. There are a lot of people today that want to, but are not willing to pay the price. That is what makes a Champion a Champion. I have never met anyone that didn’t want to be a Champion, but wouldn’t do the work. If you desire to bring out the Champion in you, then just be consistent in showing up each and every day. Then do the work that is required and do it with excellence. Someone who keeps showing up can’t be stopped. Being unstoppable isn’t easy, that’s why so few actually follow through. However, I encourage you to be relentless in your pursuit of being a Champion. You have what it takes. God created you to be a Champion, but it’s up to you to become a Champion. Nike has it right; ‘Just do it.’ Get going today. Get your process established and then work your plan. Are you ready to show up and get it done?

September 4, 2019


You can feel your negative desires and act on them, or not act on them; your self-control is what distinguishes you from everyone else.

To have the pizza or not to eat the pizza. That is the negative desire I feel right now! Yours maybe the chocolate cake, the affair, the drugs, to gossip and so on. To be an unstoppable Champion you have to be able to be in control of your negative desires. There is a Bible verse that says; God will give you the desires of your heart. I take this to mean that He will place in your heart His desires. There is no desire of God that is negative. So I have to believe that He will give you the self-control to overcome the negative desires that come to us. No Champion gives in to the negative desires. Doesn’t make a person perfect by any means. However, Champions do and don’t do what others aren’t willing to do or give into. This is one of the big reasons there are few relentless people. I believe that you are one of these people; Champion that is. Self-control is a major key to living your purpose filled life. Are you controlling your negative desires today?

September 3, 2019


Staying safe means being limited, and you can’t be limited if you’re going to be relentless.

Being unstoppable means playing with reckless abandon, but being controlled. When I say staying safe means you are limited; I don’t mean that you are careless. A Champion definitely has a plan; that’s your process. To live with destiny and purpose though means you can’t stay safe. It’s time to take the limits off your life. John Maxwell talks about the Law of the Lid. Being safe, being limited is having a lid. Being unstoppable means being unlimited, not playing if safe all the time. Take the lid off today, remove the limits from your life. Be the unstoppable Champion that you were created to be. Others may decide to put a self imposed ceiling on their performance but not you. Also, never allow anyone else to limit you. Be careful, but care free. Have a process that you follow, but don’t play it safe. Play and live your life to the fullest. Make a difference that is felt in generations to come. Are you limitless, lidless and relentless today?

September 2, 2019


An addiction is anything that creates a private challenge and tests you to control it before it controls you.

We all have to deal with an addiction of some kind. Some are more notable such as; alcohol, drugs, or sex. However, a sugar addiction, or control addiction can be as bad in its on way. However, I’m not here to discuss what the addiction does to a person. I have dealt with an addictive personality all my life. I know the results all too well. As a Champion, you will have to deal with any addiction you may have. Because an addiction is something that wants to control you. You have to control it before it can control you. Being unstoppable means you have to be able to pass the test of addiction control. If you have an addiction of any kind I encourage you today to get help. Find someone that has overcome that behavior and learn from them. No matter how small or insignificant it may seem, any addiction is harmful and will in time try to destroy you. Don’t take it for granted that you have it under control. Be sure with good counsel and accountability that you have it defeated. If I’m talking to you today, then let me know. I may not can help you, but together we will find someone who can. Be the Champion you were created to be today. Are you battling with addiction right now?