Mental Conditioning with Scott Wimberly

January 6, 2013

Past Experiences

Never make assumptions about someone based on your past experiences with someone else.

The word prejudice in it’s simplest terms means to pre-judge. It isn’t just about race, creed, or color. People pre-judge all the time. The major reason for this is because of experiences you have had in the past. I don’t know of anyone that wants to be pre-judged; so why do people do this? We have filters in our mind, these filters are based on our past experiences. Be very careful not to group people into categories because of your past. You should learn from your past that is a given, but don’t use that education to make assumptions. Everyone as a past, everyone has had bad experiences, and everyone has been through tough times. Use though experiences to restore and reconcile others, not to judge others. Be a difference maker in someone’s life today. Change their future by accepting them. You can be the person that restores their hope, their faith, their believe in themselves. Use your past experiences to help others. Is there someone in your life that needs you to help restore them today?


September 30, 2012

Reconcile Relationships

Reconcile doesn’t mean you condone or agree with; it means in spite of. Reconcile broken relationships right now.

There are people in your life that you need to reconcile your relationship with today. When you reconcile that doesn’t mean that you have like or even agree with what they have done or are doing. What it does mean is that you love them, accept them, and welcome them despite what has happened. God is calling us today to be people of reconciliation. He is asking us to restore the broken relationships in our lives. I know you have been hurt by someone that are thinking about right now. You don’t have to agree with their life or their lifestyle. God is calling you to love them and appreciate them anyways. He isn’t asking you to accept their addiction or habits but to accept them for who they are not what they do. Take time today and make the effort to reconcile broken relationships. Is there someone who you need to reconcile with right now?

March 18, 2012


There are people today that need rescuing.  Who haven’t you seen around lately? Who doesn’t come to the gym, church, restaurant, or any other meeting place like they used to?

There are folk in your life that have dropped off the radar. Where did they go? Where are they at? Don’t just write them off. Go find them and bring them back to where they should be today. You may have to get your hands dirty. You may have to get rid of your pride and go after them.  “Well, I’m not going to chase after them, they know where we are,” won’t cut it.  Make sure they know that they are needed, they are missed, they are appreciated and they are loved.  They make have lost their sense of purpose, their destiny for some reason.  You have a responsibility to go to them, even when they don’t respond.  They may need the attention they are seeking.  What’s the worse that can happen? You may get rejected time and time again.  Don’t give up, keep going after them.  You are not wasting your time. Go after the ones that have drifted away today!

February 15, 2012


Many people have had relationships that for one reason or another ended.  It may have been the only solution, but there are others that wasn’t the case.

Is there someone that you have cut out of your life that you need to go and make things right with today.  Could be a parent, a child, a friend or even your spouse.  There is someone you just thought about. Go to that person and make it right. You may not can do this in person, but find a way to reconcile and restore the relationship today.  Even if they don’t accept your attempt; you know that you tried .  There is nothing more you can do than try to make it right.  Feel the peace, the joy, the refreshed feeling that comes from reconciling and restoring that relationship.  You will be so glad you did. 

July 3, 2011

His Love

I was covered up, saturated in, & full of manipulation, control, lust, pornography, selfishness, self-hatred, & much more; but God. God saw me & took me in His arms. When I asked why He saved someone like me; he simply said; because I love you.

At first I had a hard time believing that God would want to forgive me.  I struggled with receiving His awesome, wonderful love.  I tried to argue with God; why I was not any good.  I had used His Word, His Name in manipulating, controlling and deceiving people.  I had lived a double life for so long that I didn’t think He would restore me or reconcile me.  I thought God had patience, but I realize now He doesn’t.  If you have patience, that means there can be an ending to your patience, but God is love and that love has no end.  He loves us even when we go against Him and know we are doing it.  He loves us even when we don’t care if He does or not.  All of this to say, that if God did it for me then He will do it for you and those in your life that you pray for every day.  Don’t lose hope in His love.

May 30, 2011

But Forgivers

I have learned that forgiveness really doesn’t take a whole lot of love, but restoring that person; now that puts my love to the test.  I haven’t always pass the test, but I will keep taking it til I do.

For many of us when it comes to forgiveness we are but forgivers. We will say, “I forgive you, but…”  There is a condition, for most that condition is; we don’t restore that person.  Forgiveness is quick, immediate and complete, but restoration is a process.  It is a process that we go through in the trust area.  Can the person be trust again? Most of that is on their shoulders.  If they work to restore their integrity; then I see no reason why we don’t work to restore trust and restoration in them.  However, for some restoration is not an option.  I can understand if the person doesn’t make any attempt to change, then restoration is limited.  If we are completely honest though, I think we can see where most folk do want to be restored and will work on their part.  It is a two way street here, so let’s work on our part of restoring.  There has been or will come a time when we will desire to be restored.  Sow restoration seed today and we will reap restoration in our life too.

May 7, 2011

Together We Can

For those that don’t know, I write the blog you get each day weeks ahead of time now.  What you are reading today was written April 28th, the day after the devastating tornado came through Tuscaloosa.

As I watched the tornado come through I was in awe of the power of the storm.  It was moving so fast that it was gone before I really had a sense of what was happening.  Watching the actual funnel cloud and wall cloud was incredible.  Seeing the debris flying everywhere.  Knowing that people would be killed was even more devastating.  Then going down and seeing the damage first hand was even more shocking to me.  I grew up where hurricanes where more prevalent, not tornado’s.  What I saw on McFarland and 15th Street was not something I knew how to comprehend.  I really had nothing to compare it to.  People said war zone, but I have never been in a war zone.  I have seen the widespread damage of several hurricanes, but nothing like this before.  We had just been in the hit areas a couple of hours before.  I know that we will be fine and recover from this in time.  Those that have lost property and especially those that lost loved ones will need our prayers and support.  Thank you all for your comments and love you have shown. I ask that we always support and show love to others, not just in cases like this.  

April 11, 2011

Mending Broken Relationships

Today is a day of restoration and reconciliation.  I know there is someone that you need to make things right with today.  Someone that was at one time very close to you, but due to some incident is now not close at all.

We all have had someone that was a close and good friend.  Someone who we could depend on to be there and them on us.  Someone that we could confide in and them in us.  Then it happened. Something caused a riff in the friendship.  A harsh word, a misunderstanding, a division of some type.  Now we avoid one another, refusing to speak, or going off on each other.  Either way, the friendship is no longer good or close.  Today is the day to change.  Whether it was something you did or they did, today let’s make things right.  With love, mercy, forgiveness and humility in our heart, mind and words we can do our part to restore and reconcile the relationship.   You take the blame if necessary, don’t let pride control you any longer.  Take the hit if need be.  Make peace with yourself and with them today.  No more manipulation or control between you and them.  Do your part today and have peace in your life.  God will honor what you do; when we do it for the right reason and do it right.  See how it will change your life today, rest and peace of mind is coming your way.   

April 10, 2011

Offense Will Come

No matter we do in life; offense will come.  It seems like today though folk get offended so much easier.  I believe it’s because of our low self esteem and so man insecurities.

We get offended so easy these days.  Someone can say or do the least little thing and we get hurt by it.  This in a large part is due to us having insecurities and a terrible self image of ourselves.  Then how we act when we get offended is unreal. We either shut down and half nothing to do with that person or we go off on them.  Why not attempt to make things right? Why not just let them know in a polite, loving way what was done and how we feel? It’s time we start mending relationships and not tearing them apart.  It’s time we come together and stop breaking camp.  When we drop our pride and start humbling ourselves we will see much better results. We may still get offended but it won’t have anything to stick to.  Another area I have to work on is not being hurt when someone cuts me out of their life. If I have offended you in any way I am deeply sorry, but I won’t hold on to it any longer.  If you have chosen to cut me out and not talk to me; then that’s the way it will be.  There is no more I can do but to apologize and attempt to mend things.  No more being help hostage by offense.  Take the high road and do the right thing today. Do your part to love and make things right with folk in your life.  Forgive those that have offended you and let that offense go.  Don’t give the enemy of offense anything to stick to in your life.  Be free of offense today!

February 27, 2011

Do You Hear It

02 27 11 Sunday

Listen; do you hear that? Listen again, I know you can hear it.  It is the voice of folk crying out. There are people crying out for help, for understanding, for hope, for love, for someone to just listen to them.  Do you hear it now?

I often talk about folk hurting and that we should be there for others.  This has really been ringing in my ears for several days now.  I struggled for several days in a mental battle, that finally did break.  Then there was this; people calling out for help.  Not necessarily in an audible voice but from their heart; their spirit.  When we take time to really listen it can be over whelming.  We all know what it feels like to hurt. Some to the point that they feel like it is a way of life.  Some don’t think they will ever have a day when they aren’t hurting mentally, spiritually, and even physically.  The mental pain that we feel can be the worse.  There seems to be no relief in sight for some.  All their crying out does not seem to get them get them any better.  I don’t have any special words or power to make anyone feel better.  I know what is like to be the one crying out for help; I think we all do. There is hope for you.  Your crying out has been heard; you are not alone, not by yourself.  I have said before that I pray for my partners everyday. You are being prayed for, I stand with you. Get that hope alive and never give up.